Tired of receiving "toxic" information from your sporting or cultural association...?

Find out how Clubies will simplify your life!

Clubies, the application that eases the management of your tribe!

Today, communication tools are multiplying (Facebook, WhatsApp, Mail,...). They are often very practical to manage your community and circulate information. Unfortunately, at the level of the practical organization of your sports club, your association... this is not usually the case. The essential information is often toxic.

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Say goodbye to endless, pointless messages and comments!

Clubies is a unique solution, fully dedicated to the effective and practical management of groups of people. The Clubies application does not allow interaction between members. The information circulating is always relevant, qualified and non-toxic.

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Say goodbye to endless, pointless messages and comments!



Clubies contains essential information for the proper functioning of your tribe (sports team, groups of people,...)



Information is fluid and instant for all the members of your tribe. Moreover, it is not contaminated by pointless information.



The organizer has a clear, instant view of the organization of their event. (Example: away match)

How much does Clubies cost?

Organizer & Members

Clubies is free.

  • check Participation in events
  • check Access to the tribes of which he/she is leader
  • check Sub-tribe creation
  • check Tribe creation
  • check Event creation
  • check Sending of messages
  • check Management of tribe members

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Register as an organizer to manage your tribe:

  1. Create your personal profile
  2. Create your entity  
  3. Invite members to join your entity  
  4. Assign management rights to certain members

Here we go, you can now manage your events with Clubies!


E.g.: Jacques
E.g.: Dupont
E.g.: 0612345678
E.g.. : jacques.dupont@gmail.com
general term of usage

Once registered with Clubies,

You can use the mobile application to manage your tribe!